Turn-Key Inspirations

Turn-Key Inspirations

DSC_0050 1Hill’s realized that in many condos, villa’s or townhomes, bathrooms all fall within a standard size and shape. This standard layout lends itself perfect to offer a standard price and visual design. Hill’s made it easy to visualize a standard bathroom because they had them professionally designed and built in their showroom. Just pick out the finishes and fixtures and we will do the rest.

The Turn-key concept is the brainchild of Rob Hill. He realized one day that people just need to see the bathroom complete and they need to have a good understanding of how much it costs. Standardizing the bathrooms, streamlines costing while offering you a clear visual of what the bathroom will look like.


Rob Said, “We can price these vignettes so efficiently and build them relatively quickly, the best part about our turn-key bathrooms, is that our customers see exactly what it is going to look like”.

DSC_0063 2


Stop by our showroom and see our turn-key bathrooms and take the guesswork out of your next bathroom remodel.