Electronic Toilets

For those who own Toto toilets, they will tell you just how amazing they are. They boast heated seats, a bidet function for a rear cleanse and an air-purifying system that deodorizes during use. The need for toilet paper is virtually eliminated (there is an air dryer) and “you left the lid up” squabbles need never take place (the seat lifts and closes automatically in many models).

Rob Hill says a robotic Toto toilet is, in its own way, a luxury item.

“I’ve had conversations about electronic toilets with people and it’s always, ‘How good is your life now?’”
For most people, it’s about the heated seats. Your life is really good when you have a heated toilet seat. but also about being clean.

Come into Hills Showroom and find a collection of Toto styles and technology. Ask Rob about these amazing advancements in technology. When you purchase Toto you will never buy anything else.

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