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Tour unique fixtures and experience quality and craftsmanship that can only be found at Hill’s.

Hill’s Showcase of Fine Plumbing is just the place to find that perfect kitchen or bathroom detail. At Hill’s we are dedicated to satisfying your highest expectation while offering a level of customer service conducive to the quality of our customers. Our goal is to overwhelm you with a vast collection that inspires new ideas.

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Designer Services

Kitchen Fixtures

  • FP
  • 26_NP-Jb
  • Ro-Country-Kitchen
  • 480-KW-Sa
  • KWC-Ava
  • FS-S3450
  • Kitchen-Fixture-Insinke-picture
  • 10_201_102_480
  • 480-KW-LU
  • 26_NP-Ea-Lin
  • 480-KW-DO
  • Insinkerat
  • FS-FF3450
  • zab29236_300x232
  • 26_NP-Met
  • 26_NP-Na
  • Bl-Pur-1-Truf
  • Bla_GR-lifestyle-picture
  • HF-04505800
  • HM-Bar-Faucet-04509800
  • HT-S-04247800
  • HT-Wet-Bar-Faucet-A
  • HT-Wet-Bar-Faucet
  • Lac-Wet-bar-faucet
  • Lac.-Wet-Bar-Faucet
  • NP-N-lifestyle-pic
  • HT-C-04215000

Bathroom Fixtures

  • HM C widespread faucet
  • HPV Widespread faucet
  • MA Widespread Faucet
  • NB Single Lever 2433_26_
  • NP Widespread 990L_26_
  • NPS
  • 99Modern-U
  • AE Single Lever faucet
  • Modern-
  • AB Single Lever Faucet
  • HPV Single LEver Faucet
  • KA Single Lever
  • KA Swing Lever Handles lifestyle picture
  • KF Single Lever BN
  • KM Single Lever PN finish
  • KP Single Lever BN finish
  • LE Single Lever
  • LW Single Lever
  • MV Single Lever
  • Modern-CU
  • NP Single Lever
  • Modern-(2)
  • NP Sk Single Lever
  • NP Widespread 2020_26
  • NP Widespread 2530_15_
  • NP Widespread 2550_26
  • RA widespread
  • RV Single hole
  • SE Single Lever 9280ED_0
  • SE Widespread 9220ED
  • Sg 510 Series Widespread Faucet 1.518308
  • SK 1 Single Lever Faucet
  • SM Crystal Single Lever 9480FC
  • SP Widespread Faucet 4520
  • TA Single Lever
  • TC widespread
  • TH Bag Metal Widespread
  • TH Bam Amber Widespread
  • TH La Nai Widespread Faucet
  • TH Lal Clear Crystal widespread faucet
  • TH Mal Por Widespread
  • TH Oc Star widespread
  • Toto Upton Single Lever
  • Toto Wyatt Widespread
  • Bathroom Fix1
  • Bathroom Fix
  • Bathroom-fix-5
  • Bathroom
  • thg rose
  • BS-IMG_1202
  • BS-IMG_1210
  • BS-IMG_1893
  • BS-0283-0772 STELLA_ 0001
  • BS-0306-0136 Argent Oak
  • BS-405-0142 AVALON TWO Aspenor
  • BS-0405-0872 AVALON TWO_ 0001
  • BS-415 Angolo 42in (2)
  • BS-0430-0130 FRESCO_ 0001
  • BS-0430-0960 FRESCO_ 0001
  • BS-434-0548
  • BS-435-0136 Carbone
  • BS-0435-0872 BRIANNA_ 0001
  • BS-436-0360 Corrado SE (12)
  • BS-436-0360 Corrado SE (13)
  • BS-450-0136L PHANTOM L shown in Black Lacquer with Black Glass Top
  • BS-470 Verso Tall in Grey Acrylic
  • BS-480-0260 White
  • BS-490 Custom
  • BS-490-0260 Sydney in Cerused Knotty Oak 3
  • BS-490-WTPR800R
  • BS-510-0348 SOPHIA
  • BS-Avalon Two
  • BS-Guildstone Ogee Edge
  • BS-Harbor Gray
  • BS-River(1)
  • BS-Stella (5)
  • BS-TFG-ICFF-05
  • BS-TFG-ICFF-12

We represent some of the most unique and hard to find fixtures in the world but did you know that we can install these fixtures into your kitchen or bathroom as well? How about taking the installation one step further and hire Hills to remodel your entire bathroom or kitchen. Hill’s can transform your outdated kitchen into a state of the art masterpiece. See some of our inspirations here.

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Kitchen Inspirations


Tour our Kitchen inspirations here. See some of our kitchen remodels, you will see why we are much more than a fixture showroom.

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Bathroom Inspirations


Transform an outdated bathroom into a room that you will be proud of. How about heated mirrors and ultra modern fixtures or if that is not your taste, consider choosing exactly what you want and have Hills craftsman to all the work. See our bathroom inspirations here.

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Turn Key Inspirations


Many bathrooms have a standard size and shape. The designers at Hills developed packages to help you visualize the end product. Check out our Turn-Key inspirations to assist in design and budget.