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Just Arrived On Our Floor

  • Hydro Therapy Modern Bath Tubs

    New Our modern bath tubs are more than just a beautiful bath tub, they are magical instruments that place oxygen in your blood system…

  • Electronic Toilets

    For those who own Toto toilets, they will tell you just how amazing they are. They boast heated seats, a bidet function for a…

  • Crystals set in your fixture

    Our unique modern fixture design reflects European and American mid-century contemporary references. In this case crystals are set into this posh statement faucet. This…

  • Hand Made Artisan Vanity

    Could your bathroom use a facelift? Instead of remodeling the entire master bathroom, maybe you just need to make a better statement. Installing a…

  • Modern Fixture – Sculpture

    Our unique modern fixture design reflects European modern references. In this case this faucet is more of a scupture than a functional fixture .…

  • Ocean Blue Vanity

    Ocean Blue Vanity

    Your bathroom is one of the most important aspects of your home. Adding a modern or contemporary vanity can set…

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